Personalized Learning

As we continue our journey towards personalizing learning in the district, our staff is working to define what this means for them.  The 10 Elements below serve as reminders as we think about continuing the journey.  

10 Elements of Personalized Learning 

1. Student agency (student has voice and choice on level of standards/lesson and some control over how they learn)

2. Differentiated instruction

3. Immediate instructional interventions and supports for each student is on-demand, when needed

4. Flexible pacing

5. Individual student profiles (personalized learning plan)

6. Deeper learning and problem solving to develop meaning

7. Frequent feedback from instructors and peers

8. Standards-based, world-class knowledge and skills

9. Anywhere, any time learning can occur

10. Performance-based assessments — project-based learning, portfolios, etc.

Please check out the presentations our staff created about personalized learning.

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